Frequently Asked Questions

February 2019

Q: Which American degree Bachelor of Science programs does SDSU offer for the 2019-2020 academic year in Georgia?

A: SDSU offers the following American Degree Bachelor of Science programs for 2019-2020 academic year in Georgia:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemistry/Biochemistry

Q: When can I apply to the SDSU American Degree program in Georgia?

 A: The application process for the 2019-20 academic year is open from October 2018 until the NAEC application closes. Applications are processed in three rounds therefore early applications are highly encouraged and have better chance to receive scholarship.

For admission information please visit:

To apply please visit:

 Q: How long will SDSU stay in Georgia?

 A: SDSU will stay in Georgia until all enrolled students graduate from the program.  SDSU is committed to ensuring all eligible students finish their studies and earn their dual degree. After SDSU Georgia graduates all of its eligible students it will continue to have a presence in Georgia by supporting its partner universities and assisting with future English language programs.

 Q: What is the closest program to Computer Science offered in 2019?

 A: The closest program to Computer Science offered for the 2019-20 academic year is Computer Engineering. For more information about the program and course catalogue please visit:

Q: What kind of Diploma will I receive after graduating from SDSU Georgia?

 A: All students who are accepted to SDSU internationally accredited American Degree programs in Georgia will earn an American Degree from SDSU and a Georgian Degree from the selected Georgian Partner University (TSU, ISU, GTU) upon graduation.

Q: Who is teaching on SDSU Georgia programs?

 The curricula and courses offered at SDSU Georgia are the same as those offered at SDSU home campus and the language of instruction is English. The courses are administered by students’ respective departments and taught either by SDSU professors online, or Georgian partner university faculty trained at SDSU.

Q: As an SDSU Georgia student, will I have opportunity to study in San Diego?  

 A: SDSU Georgia students are given an opportunity to visit SDSU home campus for a semester or year exchange, starting their sophomore year. All SDSU Georgia students, who meet the following criteria, can apply for the Exchange program:

- Students who have already finished the first academic year;

- Students with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA;

- Students who have not already participated in the exchange program.

Q: What are the costs associated with the Exchange Program?

 A: Students should inquire about Exchange Program costs with SDSU Georgia administration. Costs for the Exchange Program vary from year to year. Financial aid is also available for students with exceptional academic performance.

Q: How can I get a scholarship?

 A: Students seeking financial aid are requested to submit the Financial Assistance Application available at:

Please note that Financial Assistance Application is part of the ApplySDSU process.

 Q: Does SDSU Georgia have funding for Student Clubs?

A: Yes. SDSU Georgia recognizes importance of active student life and extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to apply and register student life activities that they are interested in. Students have the opportunity to create a Student Club after applying and receiving approval from Student Services. As a part of the application process, students are required to submit Funding Requisition Form outlining their annual budget items. Once the application is approved, funding is allocated according to the needs described in the proposed budget.

Q: Does SDSU Georgia have student self-government?

 A: Student Self-Government of SDSU Georgia is called Associated Students. Associated Students is governed by a board of directors, comprised of the President, Vice President, program representatives, Dean’s Office Designee, and a secretary. A.S. Board works with the students to help enrich their student experience and help them communicate and implement their ideas to the student body and administration.

Q: What does CAPSTONE project mean?

 A: The senior design capstone project is an opportunity for engineering students to learn about aspects of engineering that are not covered in the traditional curriculum, to prepare for future endeavors in industry, government and academia, in particular, it’s an opportunity for students to practice design. At the end of the course sequence, the students are able to demonstrate competence in completing significant team projects in their fields. They will be able to communicate their technical ideas both orally and in written form and know how to respond when confronted with ethical dilemmas faced by engineers in their work environment. SDSU Georgia has introduced an industry sponsored capstone project idea, which gives students a chance to work on real world engineering problems, given by business representatives operating in their fields.

Q: Can I continue my graduate studies at SDSU after graduating from SDSU Georgia?

 A: All SDSU Georgia students can continue their graduate studies at SDSU’s main campus in California or any other university worldwide. Some scholarships are available for SDSU Georgia students to pursue their graduate studies at SDSU main campus in California.