Program Costs and Financial Assistance Information, Georgian Students

This page is for Georgian students. International students, please visit this page.

Tuition & Fees

Georgian high school students who have graduated or will graduate this year from a Georgian high school and will attend SDSU Georgia in 2016 will pay $7,500 in tuition and fees if they take and pass the NAEC. Early pre-enrolment procedures will give students an opportunity to receive $1000 scholarship towards the first year’s tuition.

Financial Assistance

2019 Scholarships and Waivers

Georgian students admitted to an SDSU Georgia program in collaboration with one of our partner universities in Tbilisi will be eligible to apply for the following levels of scholarships and waivers:

  • In addition SDSU offers financial assistance opportunities (25%, 50%, 70% and 100% scholarships) to the students who apply through ApplySDSU and complete Financial Assistance Application as part of their application process (please note that Financial Assistance Application is part of the ApplySDSU process).
  • Students are also eligible for the government merit scholarship through NAEC exams – up to 2250 GEL, which will be deducted from the tuition fee.