Ilia Khazaradze

Construction / Facilities Assistant

Responsible for site inspection and works implementation in SDSUG partner University (TSU) spaces renovation and ISU new building construction first phase. Supervision and maintenance of SDSUG spaces and HVAC equipment.
Assist construction manager to coordinate with contractors, faculty dean and staff of partner universities (TSU, ISU and GTU). Report daily progress for renovation works at TSU 2 and TSU 11. Report weekly progress for construction works for SDSUG new building at ISU. Preparation of weekly and monthly maintenance reports. Translation of technical documentations. Revue BoQs, drawings and technical documentation according of work progress. Also, supervise required repair works at SDSUG office and spaces at TSU/GTU.

Eptisa Georgia

February 2016 to June 2016: Construction Supervisor / Site Inspector, Tbilisi
Responsible for site inspection and works implementation in kindergartens, Cultural centers, Sport Halls and road constructions. Supervision quality and quantity control of works and of their completion.
Assist construction engineer to coordinate with MDF, contractors, local and regional authorities. Writing minutes of meetings. Preparation of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports. Translation of technical documentations. Revue BoQs according of work progress and preparation of IPCs for contractors.

International Committee of the Red Cross, Georgia

2008 to December 2015: Deputy and then Program Manager for ICRC Water and Habitat. Tbilisi
Participating in the analysis for yearly ICRC program planning including defining resources budget, needs assessment and designing of objectives and activities.
Liaising with local and regional authorities in the field of water (water board, municipalities) and habitat (MoRA) for identification, follow up and handover of projects.
Implementing independently the agreed activities: rehabilitation of collective centers and water projects in villages as well as capacity building of local authorities.
Preparing technical and financial files. Organizing procurement and purchases (tendering process, technical specificities) within the limits of the budget and according to international standards.
Monthly reporting on external meetings and completed activities internally.
Implementing emergency activities (water and shelter) during the 2008 crisis in contact with local authorities.

2002 to 2008: Engineer and then Project Manager for ICRC Shelter Program, Zugdidi
Supervision engineering team in Western Georgia.
Prioritization and preparation of recommendations for selection based on sanitation and life/safety problems in IDPs collective centers.
Drafting and reviewing technical proposal and cost estimation of rehabilitations
Managing the procurement process (drafting of contracts, tendering process, selection of contractor) and the payment of invoices.
Supervision and quality control of works and of their completion.
Liaise and coordinate with local and regional authorities.

International Rescue Committee, Zugdidi, Georgia

1995-2001: Construction Engineer and Manager for IRC Shelter Program
Supervision engineering teams in Western and Eastern Georgia.
Responsible for technical assessment and works implementation in IDPs communal center buildings, clinics, kindergarten and schools.
Prioritization and preparation of recommendations for selection of projects based on sanitation and life/safety problems.
Preparation of construction cost estimates, contract documents; analyses of contractor cost proposals and negotiations; inspection of construction quality; certification of contractor payments.
Monitoring of material use and drafted final accounting of materials at project close-out.