Salome Kilanava

Academic Affairs Coordinator 

Salome Kilanava became a part of the SDSU Georgia team in April of 2017. Ms. Kilanava has more than 10 years of working experience in the human rights, educational and public service sectors. She graduated with honors from Ilia State University, with a M.E.D degree in Higher Education Administration and her educational background includes B.A. in Humanities with honors. Upon graduation from university, Ms. Kilanava served in various administrative capacities at governmental and non-governmental institutions and Higher Education Institutions. Salome has organized and participated in various workshops, conferences, TOTs that took place in European countries.

As Academic Affairs Coordinator at SDSU Georgia, she provides academic/administrative support to students, faculty, dean and staff. Additionally, Ms. Kilanava coordinates communications between San Diego State University, San Diego State University Research Foundation and SDSU Georgia offices.